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18 January 2008 @ 4pm


Getting ActiveX Error Messages?

ActiveX error is an error of a dll file. This error is generally caused by certain types of browser settings and misconfigured system files in your computer. It is very important to fix this error for the smooth working of Internet in your computer. To fix the problem, please adjust the settings in Internet Explorer by following the steps below.

Sometimes, when you try to log in with your username and password, an error message appears. This message reads like this, “the configuration of your Internet browser prevents an ActiveX element from working”. This message is displayed as the configuration of your Internet browser prevents an ActiveX element from working. This is an ActiveX error.

To rectify this error, you should close all the browser windows that are open. Then, you should open a new window and open the page www.sts.ch/el. In this page, click “Tools” in the menu bar and then select the Internet options.

After selecting Internet options window, click the security tab that appears at the top of the dialogue box, hereafter set the Security level as Medium for this zone. After setting security level as medium, click on the button ‘Custom Level’ then you make sure that the two options viz, Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins and Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting to the option ‘Enable’. After these settings are set to enable, click OK. Then a message is asked, Are you sure you want to change the settings, again click on OK to save the changes. Click ‘Login’ to log in to Gmail.

Sometimes it shows error related to misconfigured system file again, as your browser was already set correctly before making the changes. You can rectify this error to the default settings by clicking on the ‘Start’ button in your Windows. After that, you should select ‘Run’ and enter ‘regsvr32 msxml3.dll’ in the ‘Open:’ field, and hereafter click ‘OK.’ After few minutes, a dialogue box opens that gives you a message that the file was properly reset. You can exit the dialogue box by clicking ‘OK’.

After changing this, make sure that you have closed all the windows of Internet Explorer. Open a new browser window and log back in to Gmail again.