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    Top 10 DLL Questions !

    1.What is DLL file? A:  The full form of DLL is Dynamic Link Library. These files are support files used for certain types of software. DLL files are generally found in your Windows System directory. 2. How should I install a dll file? A: To install a dll file, first you should unzip software to […]

    What exactly .DLL Means?

    You may have often heard about dll files, but you may not know exactly what it means. This article would help you in obtaining some general information related to dll files. In very simple terms dll file or dynamic link library is a collection of small programs, or support files for some types of software. […]

    DLL Files and Windows Registry

    You have got detailed information related to dll files. In this article, you will get a chance to know Windows Registry and how is it different than dll files. In very simple context, the windows registry is considered as a file that has the all the major part of the configuration setting and other data […]

    DLL Files 102 – DLL File Fundamentals, Part II

    What is the Difference Between DLL Files and Windows Registry Files? As mentioned in Part I of this two-part primer on DLL File Fundamentals (DLL Files 101), DLL files are stored in the Windows Registry. They do not, however, comprise the entirety of the contents of a Windows Registry. There are many more types of […]

    DLL Files 101 – DLL File Fundamentals, Part I

    What is a DLL File? The letters in the abbreviation “DLL” stand for “Dynamic Link Library”. A DLL File is a library of various procedures that a program can call upon when needed. A DLL file is loaded and linked to a specific executable program anytime that program is run. Programs call upon DLL files […]

    DLL files And Windows Operating System

    DLL files are something that many people do not understand when it comes to the windows operating system.DLL files are basically the files, which create a collection of small programs. These small programs come together and when a person uses an .exe file or an executable file. In other words, when you open a program […]

    DLL- The Dynamic Link Library

    The DLL or dynamic link library is not just made up of Dll files. There are a number of other file extensions, which are classified as Dll files even though they may not look like it when you first see them. OCX files are also common for DLL’s that contain activex controls, DRV for legacy […]