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    How To Repair .DLL Error ?

    Although, computers are very useful machines, but they are also very complex and have their share of problems. One of the most common problems that the computer users experience are the problems of DLL files. No doubt, DLL errors can be very frustrating, but repairing dll error is not very difficult or time consuming provided […]

    What Is a Runtime Error?

    A Runtime Error is a general term for any error that takes place while a program is executing (starting up). An easy way to remember this is that all runtime errors occur at the time that you run a program. Errors that occur while a program is in use, on the other hand, after it’s […]

    Simple Steps You Can Take to Prevent DLL Errors

    What Causes DLL Errors? Many causes exist for DLL errors but there are three primary causes that constitute most of the DLL errors PC-users ever see: •    Improper software installation •    Incomplete software un-installation •    Infection by Spyware and/or computer Viruses DLL Error Prevention During Software Installation and Un-installation The first thing you can do […]

    Top 10 DLL Errors !

    The following are 10 of the most common DLL errors PC-users encounter. The first 5 DLL errors are directly related to Internet Explorer; the remaining 5 DLL errors listed involving the use (or attempted use) of other applications. 1.    Kernel32.dll (IEXPLORE caused an Invalid Page Fault in module Kernel32.dll) – this DLL error usually occurs […]

    What happens when you lose a DLL file?

    Dll files are essential to the function of programs within a Windows operating system. They may or may not be backward compatible with previous versions and operating systems, which makes them important files for the computer and the programs you use. Dll files are Dynamic link library files and just like the name says, they […]

    DLL Files Errors

    Just because a DLL file is listed in, an error message of windows does not mean that it is the DLL file itself, which is causing the error. Most often, these files feature prominently in error messages only because they are attached to the primary, core, basic functions of the operating system itself.  There are […]