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    Playing Back Television Shows with HCWTVWND.DLL

    Developed by Hauppauge Computer Works for its WinTV drivers, hcwtvwnd.dll is an essential component for watching, recording and playing back television shows on the computer system. Initially developed for WinTV 2000, hcwtvwnd.dll has been released in updated versions with every WinTV advanced releases. WinTV 2000 allows you to work on other applications while simultaneously watching […]

    Managing The Memory with Kernel32.DLL

    A 32-bit dynamic link library file in Windows 95, 98 and ME, the kernel32.dll file is responsible for memory management. All input/output operations and interrupts are handles by kernel32.dll. When Windows is started, kernel32.dll loads into a protected memory space, where other programs cannot invade its valued memory space. The kernel32.dll is not easily prone […]

    IERTUTIL.DLL, An Essential Internet Explorer Utility File

    A Runtime utility available for Internet Explorer, iertutil.dll is an essential Windows system component. Developed by Microsoft Corporation to be utilized in Windows Internet Explorer browser, the iertutil.dll file should not be disabled, as it is required to run several internal applications. With the release of Internet Explorer version 7, many users who opted to […]

    Utilizing IEFRAME.DLL In Internet Explorer

    ieframe.dll is an Internet Explorer Browser Utility User Interface Library, developed by the Microsoft Corporation and utilized in Internet Explorer. The dll file is not a critical component of the computer system. Ieframe.dll installs with the most recently released Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7. This file replaces shdocvw, shlwapi, and browseui dlls found in Internet […]

    Working with Adobe Using GIF89.dll

    Gif89.dll is a component of Adobe PageMaker. PageMaker is a software application used to create print publishing material. Created and owned by Adobe Systems Incorporated, gif89.dll is not only required if your computer system runs Adobe PageMaker, but also to run games such as Remedy and Hope Springs Enternal. An updated version of gif89.dll is […]

    FXSEXT32.DLL, Microsoft Outlook Add-On for Fax Extension

    fxsext32.dll is a module developed to work with the computer’s fax server and is a component of the Microsoft Outlook Fax Extension add-on. The non-technical name of the fxsext32,dll is Microsoft Fax Exchange Command Extension. It is not an essential system component of the Windows operating systems. Some virus-checking and spyware removal tools may recognize […]

    FXSAPI.DLL, Supporting Windows XP API File

    Fxsapi.dll is the Microsoft Fax API Support dll available in Windows XP operating systems. It is used by the computer’s modem driver and is only needed for setting up data fax support. It was developed by Microsoft   to be utilized in Windows XP systems only. The dll is not an essential system component and if […]

    FUSION.DLL, The Assembly Manager

    Fusion.dll is an assembly manager module used with the .net framework of Microsoft. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) contains a system component called the assembly manager that takes on the responsibilities of storing assembly files in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and loading them at run time when they are first used by an application. […]

    Is DWWIN.DLL the Error Reporting Tool?

    Dwwin.dll is part of all Windows operating systems and is an essential component of the commonly known system debugger Dr.Watson. The Dr.Watson application is available in Windows as either drwatson.exe, drwtsn32.exe or dwwin.exe. As an essential system component, dwwin.dll is crucial for the function of Dr.Watson, as it helps the monitoring of application crashes. Developed […]

    Computer Music Composition with DEVCON32.DLL

    Devcon32.dll is the Device Configuration Manager Library in Microsoft Windows operating systems. The dll file contains a COM library that provides applications access to SoundFont and EFX functions. SoundFont is a brand name, but generally refers to a file format and associated technology designed to connect the difference between recorded and synthesized audio, mainly for […]

    Cshell.dll | prone to Viruses?

    Cshell.dll is dynamic link library belonging to Barking Dog Studios. It is a global operations client. It is an important non-system dll file which must not be deleted or some error message may arise. Although this file is not a critical system component, it can cause some bizarre errors, if it is deleted accidentally or […]

    Got Missing Comnctr.dll Error?

    Comnctr.dll is dynamic link library belonging to Logitech drivers. It is developed by Logitech Inc. It is an important non-system dll file which must not be deleted. Otherwise it might throw up some error at boot time. The file is part of the Logitech drivers for mouse and keyboards. Although this file is not a […]

    The d3dx9_30.dll | Critical Element of DirectX

    The file d3dxp_30.dll is associated with DirectX. Created and published by Microsoft, DirectX is an API or Application Programming Interface. This tool is used for multimedia, video game programming and videos. DirectX is used on Microsoft Platforms including Vista and XP. Many Microsoft and associated publishers games such as Age of The Empires, Everquest, World […]

    Delivering Quality Graphics for Multimedia by d3dx9_36.dll

    D3DX9_36.dll file is associated with Microsoft’s DirectX version 9 API. An API is an application programming interface which is used in video games, movies, music and other multimedia used by Windows program. You can locate this file in you system32 folder. For those who are not familiar of its location, you can go to your […]

    Is it difficult to Identify Ddcya.dll, the Trojans?

    Ddcya.dll is a Trojan/ backdoor. Trojans are basically programs which appear to do a legitimate function but have some other harmful effect. Generally these Trojans download and install other harmful files are programs with out the knowledge of the user. Ddcya.dll file is a Browser Help Object (BHO). The Browser Help Objects run every time […]

    Ddabb.dll | The Trojans

    Ddabb.dll is a Trojan or a Backdoor which can cause serious errors in your system. Ddabb.dll file is a Browser Help Object (BHO). The Browser Help Objects run every time you open your internet browser. These BHO’s are not blocked by your personal firewall because your firewall identifies them as your browser itself. In short, […]

    Sketching the Graphics by D3d9.dll, is it Necessary?

    The file d3d9.dll is called Microsoft Direct3D Library d3d9. D3d9.dll is necessary for windows to function. Windows uses it while sketching graphics through DirectX. Windows will not operate correctly if the d3d9.dll file is unavailable.d3d9.dll is marked as a system method and is not a security risk. But, erasing Microsoft Direct3D Library has an adverse […]

    Unexplained problem of ctintrfc.dll

    According to Creative, if the computer has a Creative Jukebox Zen and Windows Me,  Jukebox Zen NX, Jukebox Zen Xtra or Jukebox Zen USB 2.0 ctintrfc.dll file can be come across,. Creative’s Knowledge Base has no explanation for this problem. According to Creative this problem can be resolved by updating the Windows Me. This can […]

    Have you ever faced the problem of missing browseui.dll?

    Browseui.dll is a program that is essential for Internet Explorer browser. It is a program of Microsoft. This file is compulsory if Internet Explorer web browser is being used, as it happens to be a part of shell browser library. It is a DLL file found in c:\windows\system32\browseui.dll Many tasks have names similar to that […]

    Cracking the Window’s Copy Protection by Antiwpa.dll !

    Antiwpa.dll is a prohibited software crack which is used to avoid the Windows’ copy protection. This file, to start automatically makes use of the Winlogon Notify key. The key runs definite programs when particular actions happen like the starting up of the computer, logging in and logging off by the user or when a computer […]

    Atl71.dll | Malware or necessary file for recording input?

    The Atl71.dll file is a product of Microsoft Corporation. This file is found in C:\Windows\System32. The size of the file on the OS Windows XP is found to be around 89088 bytes. The file is a unique kind of a Windows program consisting of functions which other kinds of programs call. This file can be […]

    Agm.dll | Problems with acrobat reader?

    Agm.dll is a runtime library file belonging to adobe acrobat reader. The dll file is developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is an important non-system file critical for acrobat reader and other adobe products. The most common usage of agm.dll is for adobe reader as adobe graphics manager. Though the dll file is a non-system […]

    advrcntr3.dll Installing Nero?

    Advrcntr3.dll is a runtime library file belonging to AdvrCntr Module from Nero AG. The Advrcntr3.dll file is developed by Nero solutions for its products.  It is an important non-system file which is critical for the functioning of Nero. The file can be found in nero installation folder – % commonly program files % \ nero […]

    What Importance does Aclui.dll hold?

    Aclui.dll is a runtime library belonging to windows operating XP operating system. It is developed by Microsoft corporation.Aclui.dll is a security descriptor editor. It is an important system dll file, which must not be deleted. It can be found in the windows system folder. The Aclui.dll is part of the windows XP service pack 2. […]

    ctmbha.dll – relating with Audio Controller

    The ctmbha.dll is an Audio Control Module belonging to Creative Audigy Audio Controller from Creative Labs. This is a file that installs when you set-up a new sound card from Creative Labs onto your computer. It’s also a file that shows up on the list of programs that startup automatically with Windows. (Quick launch) This […]

    Tuning the Television with hcwtvnd.dll

    The hcwtvnd.dll was created by the Hauppauge Computer Works of Hauppauge, NY. The company is the manufacturer of video cards, motherboards and other key computer components; with offices in the US, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Singapore and Poland. WinTV2000 is a tuner that installs on your computer and allows you to […]

    Is Gpkcsp.dll responsible for unsuccessful Login?

    The gpkcsp.dll is owned and created by the Microsoft Corporation. Considered now to be obsolete, this file comes as part of the “clean” installation of Windows 2000 Professional. Later versions are also used by Microsoft Server 2003. In addition, this is also a factor in the new Windows Live Onecare. There is not much information […]

    Is your fm20enu.dll formatted for your language?

    The FM20ENU.dll file was created by the Microsoft Corporation for use in the programming of their various software titles such as Word, Visio, Project, Works and more. This file is also known as the Microsoft Forms International DLL. Using a breakdown of the actual file name, we can decipher what it means and its potential […]

    D3DX9_32.DLL – Microsoft DirectX Gaming Runtime Library

    Yet another release of the DirectX 9.0 by Microsoft, the all-new d3dx9_32.dll, took place in December 2006. Within two years, Microsoft released 9 separate extended versions of d3dx.dll file for running Windows-based 3D DirectX games. The latest games with 3D graphical experiences all require the new d3dx9_32.dll file. Some of the games using this latest […]

    Updated Release of D3DX – D3DX9_27.DLL

    In August 2005, Microsoft released another update of their d3dx dll file for 3D gaming applications. The file, required to play advanced graphical games such as Oblivion and Fear, is part of DirectX 9.0 distributed by Microsoft. As part of the Microsoft Audio Video Playback package, d3dx9_27.dll became a necessity for all newly released 3D […]

    D3DX9_25.DLL -Essential for Microsoft Gaming

    D3dx9_25.dll is the April 2005 updated release of D3DX dll library files, used in Direct3D gaming by Microsoft, such as the various versions of Flight Simulator, Age of Empires, and Fable: The Lost Chapters PC, Rise of Nations and Zoo Tycoon 2. The d3dx9_25.dll is used in DirectX 9.0c, which is found on systems running […]

    BINKW32.DLL – Error In Computer Games?

    Binkw32.dll is a module for the BINK video codec and is required to play compressed movies within computer gaming applications. Developed by RAD Game Tools and mainly included in computer games, Bink is a video file format used in games created for Windows, Mac OS, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, GameCube, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Sony […]

    MSNCORE.DLL and MSN Messenger Error?

    Msncore.dll is a module developed by the Microsoft Corporation for its MSN Messenger versions and the recent Windows Live Messenger application. As it is an external application used for online networking, it is not a critical system component, but rather an add-on. There are some known instances of viruses and malicious applications been named after […]

    Module MSHTML.DLL taking care of HTML Page display

    Mshtml.dll takes care of rendering web pages in the Internet Explorer browser. The layman term for this dynamic link library file is MS HTML Viewer. It contains program code used to display HTML pages, and is essential for Internet Explore function without errors. If you are an Internet Explorer user, you must not remove or […]

    Is MRVGINA.DLL Must to Establish Wireless Networking?

    MrvGINA.dll is a graphical identification and authentication dynamic link library file that Netgear requires when installing their wireless card drivers. When establishing remote desktop connections by using any wireless networking products by Netgear, the MrvGINA.dll file is a must-have in your system. With the earlier release of this dll file, there were some Windows User […]

    CONNAPI.DLL and Nokia PC Connectivity

    Connapi.dll is a connectivity application programming interface (API) developed and used by Nokia for their PC connectivity solutions. The most common usage of connapi.dll is through the Nokia PC Suite software. Although this dll file is not a critical system component, if you are using phone-computer connectivity on a regular basis, you should avoid messing […]

    What is XPRT6.DLL Error all about?

    Xprt6.dll is a file developed by AOL and used in AOL, ICQ and AIM applications. It also comes in handy with some P2P software, such as BitTorrent. As it is simply external dll file created for optional networking applications such as chatting and files sharing, it is not essential to have it in your computer […]

    Is WLANAPI.DLL Essential in Windows Based Wireless Networks?

    Wlanapi.dll is a module used in wireless networking. If the wlanapi.dll file is not there in your system, you cannot establish a wireless LAN. Developed by Microsoft and present in the later versions of Windows XP (x64, x86, SP1, SP2 and SP3) and Vista, wlanapi.dll is essential to compile and configure all Windows-based wireless networks. […]

    WAB.DLL – Keeping Your Mail Contacts Secure

    Wab.dll is a module developed for the Windows Address Book, which is used by Outlook and Outlook Express in the Microsoft Office packages, to store email addresses and other information for contacts. Developed by the Microsoft Development Studio, the wab.dll file is not a system file and is not an essential dynamic link library in […]

    Do You Know What MSVCP.DLL is?

    The msvcp71.dll file is found in the Microsoft C++ Runtime Library and it processes information for the runtime library. Created by the Microsoft Development Studio, the msvcp71.dll is a system dynamic link library file, essential for Windows operating systems. The dll file is required to run most of the Microsoft and non-Microsoft programs and applications, […]

    GZMROTATE .DLL The Browser Object Helper File

    Gzmrotate.dll is a BHO, Browser Helper Object file that runs automatically whenever you start Internet Explorer in your computer. There is no detailed description related to this program, as it has no visible windows. However, it is able to monitor and check Internet Browser. The main characteristic of Browser Helper Object is that it is […]

    D3DRM.DLL Collection of Small Programs

    D3DRM is Direct 3D Retained Mode dll file, which is used as developer software for all dll files. The file is also required in some older games to run them. It is very important to install this file as the Dll files are a collection of many small programs, which can be used if need […]

    GDIPLUS.DLL helps Operate the Windows

    Gdiplus.dll also referred to as Microsoft GDI Plus Library is a system process and it is linked to the security of computer network system. It is a useful file and it is generally required to operate the windows. The main function of this file is to communicate with your video card so that it can […]

    FRAMEDYN.DLL File useful for Windows Management

    The file framedyn.dll is commonly known as WMI SDK Provider Framework Library and it is required by the WMI that is Windows management Instrumentation processes in the Windows to function accurately and clearly.  It is a system process and not a security risk. But still, if this file is missing from your computer, your system […]

    HAL.DLL Communication Technology of Windows

    Hardware Abstraction Layer, better known as Hal.dll is a technology that enables the Windows NT, 2000, and XP operating systems to communicate with the hardware of your PC. Replaced by MS-DOS, it is more secure and useful than Windows 95, 98. The main use of HAL is that it forbids application from accessing the system […]

    Is D3DX.dll The Gamers file Error ?

    D3DX.dll is the DirectX file that is used for playing games and in some desktop application software. Mostly, the young generation likes to play games on the computer, so they want to keep their computers up-to-date with all the latest technologies. The users of Windows XP who keep their computers perfect with all the latest […]

    Optimize the Important Settings with Advrcntr2.dll

    Advrcntr2.dll is a Nero Ultra Edition Module from Nero AG belonging to Nero Burning. It belongs to the software Nero 7 Ultra Edition or Nero 7 Premium. Although Advrcntr2.dll is not a very critical component, still it is strongly recommended to do a performance scan so that it automatically optimizes memory, CPU and Internet settings […]

    Advpack.dll helps Installing Hardware and Software!

    Advpack.dll commonly known, as Advpack Library is a system process file that is used by windows to operate, verify and check different files in the computer. It generally pertains to computer network security, and if it is not installed in a computer, windows will not be able to function properly and it can also affect […]

    Is wnaspi32.dll file part of the Win32 system?

    The Wnaspi31.dll file is part of the Win32 system. This means that it is a Dll file that will be found in systems after windows 3.1. That means it can be found in Windows 95, Window 98, Window 2000, Window ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista. This file is essential to the operation of windows […]

    The Mysteriously Disappearing MFC71.DLL

    Microsoft’s MFC71.DLL element is found within the MFCDLL Library. This file is crucial to Microsoft Visual Studio given that the component that includes the Microsoft Foundation Classes or MFC functions that are used by Microsoft in their Visual Studio Programs. Visual Studio software was fashioned by Microsoft in support of .NET Framework as it applies […]

    PSAPI.DLL and the Data Mine

    It becomes very annoying to sit down at your computer and begin doing some serious work only to have the computer pop up an error something like ‘ required DLL file psapi.dll not found ‘ In desperation you reboot only to find that the popup error once again appears. PSAPI.DLL is the Microsoft library that […]

    Is it the Video or just NV4_DIS.DLL?

    NV4_DISP.DLL troubles largely appear a great deal when there are windows driver conflicts. It has a tendency to take place sporadically when you are optimistically using your PC then all of a sudden that alarming “blue screen of death” takes place. You quickly close down your system by shutting off the machine and restarting it […]

    How the MSVBVM50.DLL Killed the Visual Basic

    The Microsoft library files msvbvm50.dll, include code used to run programs that are written in the Visual Basic programming language. In the event that msvbvm50.dll is stopped or becomes unavailable, all your Visual Basic programs that are currently running will stop working. This file should remain on your system unless it is creating problems. Msvbvm50.dll […]

    MFC71.DLL – crucial element of Microsoft Visual Studio

    Microsoft’s MFC71.DLL element is found within the MFCDLL Library. This file is crucial to Microsoft Visual Studio given that the component that includes the Microsoft Foundation Classes or MFC functions that are used by Microsoft in their Visual Studio Programs. Visual Studio software was fashioned by Microsoft in support of .NET Framework as it applies […]

    Is it Ntdll.dll or bad hardware?

    Ntdll.dll files created by Microsoft are officially designated as “NT Layer DLL”. These are the files, which contain the NT kernel functions. They can be found in the c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32 directory. When an error is encountered, you will see the following on your screen: STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error/SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll The ntdll.dll file that is […]

    What is Shell32.DLL ?

    Think back to a time in your when your computer used to boot up swiftly first thing in the morning. It seemed like everything loaded very effortlessly and instantly. Nowadays it takes you a millennium to boot to the desktop display. Have you ever speculated as to why this transpires? Our answer lies at the […]

    Got Missing msvcr71.DLL Error?

    The msvcr71.dll file is a 32-bit file that retains assorted functions necessary for .NET programs. The name originates from the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library. It is utilized by Microsoft Visual C++ and is shipped with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Usually the msvcr71.dll is accessible on your computer system already, if you are trying […]

    The msvcr80.dll file – an integral part of .net framework

    The .net framework that is often mentioned in windows applications is a creation of commonly used coding that provides a database for the Windows operating system to work from when applying certain applications. It also allows new applications to be integrated into the current operating system parameters without a significant amount of alternate coding or […]

    Visual Basic Programming with the help of msvcp80.dll file

    The msvcp80.dll file is a file associated with the compiling and executable sectors of visual basic applications. It can also be considered an executable file for Visual c++ applications. In other words, any application, which uses .net framework, Visual C++ or Visual basic programming, is going to want to access the msvcp80.dll file at some […]

    Mpeg encoding with Lame_enc.dll file

    The lame_enc.dll file is not a system critical Dll. This means that if you lose this particular Dll file you will only end up with an application or two that do not work correctly rather than a system corruption. Usually reinstallation of the program or in some cases a repair, if available, will fix this […]