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    Fixing Misplaced DLL problems Fast!

    Many a times while running a software in any version of Microsoft windows, you receive an error message stating “Cannot find the file abc. exe or (one of its components)” followed by a error stating that the required dll file was not found. This means that a particular system dll file required by the software […]

    How to Fix DLL Errors ?

    Why DLL Errors Occur There are numerous causes for DLL errors, and as such a multitude ways to fix DLL errors depending, in large part, on the cause. Most often, DLL errors arise after one or more DLL files have either been modified (such as: overwritten or corrupted) or erased. DLL files are typically shared, […]

    How To Perform a DLL Fix ?

    Back Up – Before You Do Anything Else Before you take any measures to perform a DLL fix, make a copy of it and save it in a location you’ll remember in case you need to retrieve it later. It may sound unlikely, but it’s entirely possible that you may need to reinstall that very […]