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18 January 2008 @ 4pm

DLL Articles

Top 10 DLL Questions !

1.What is DLL file?

A:  The full form of DLL is Dynamic Link Library. These files are support files used for certain types of software. DLL files are generally found in your Windows System directory.

2. How should I install a dll file?

A: To install a dll file, first you should unzip software to extract the dll-file from the zip-file that you have downloaded. You can use ExpressZIP to select the dll-file and add it to your system directory. Sometimes putting it in the system directory is not sufficient, then you can use regsvr32 in three steps:

1. Press Start and select Run
2. Type CMD and press Enter
3. Type regsvr32 “filename”. dll and press Enter.

3. Whenever I try to download a dll file, I get a “Invalid referer”. What can I do?

A: Make sure you access the file from www.dll-files.com. You should click left to download the files as right-clicking does not work Then you should disable whichever Download Accelerators like “Getright” or “Gozilla” that you may be using. Then you should make it sure that you have enabled JavaScript. You should also disable any REFERER-blocker like AdSubstract. Sometimes, it can also be solved by disabling security programs like Norton Internet security or ZoneAlarm.

4. Sometimes my dll files disappear, why?

A: It happens because dll-files are used by a lot of different programs. When you remove a                        particular program using uninstall utility, it removes all the files that had been installed during installation process.

5. Please help me in locating dll file that I am searching?

A: You can go to “Suggest-a-file” and write the name of the dll file that you are searching.  It will be posted to you soon.

6. I want to know about ExpressZIP.

A: You can get all the information on http://www.avantrix.com/support.htm.

7. Where can I find information about WinTasks, WinBackup or SpeedUpMyPC?

A: You can find the information at http://support.liutilities.com/.

8. I have a question about PC Rescue?

A: To get an answer, you can send e-mail to help@healthycomputerclub.com.

9. When I open the Zip-file I can only see a readme.txt file and not a dll-file?

A:  For this first Open Windows Explorer c:\windows\explorer.exe. Then Choose “View” and “Folder Options”. Again Choose “View” and “Show all files” in “Hidden files”. You will find your dll file.

10.  I am unable to open the Zip-files as they ask for a password to unzip it?

A:  Usually dll files are not password protected. You can upgrade your current unzip software to the latest version.