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7 January 2008 @ 6pm

DLL Errors

DLL Files Errors

Just because a DLL file is listed in, an error message of windows does not mean that it is the DLL file itself, which is causing the error. Most often, these files feature prominently in error messages only because they are attached to the primary, core, basic functions of the operating system itself.  There are hundreds of error messages you can receive on a windows system and of those hundreds, there are a number, which can feature DLL file names in the error code. One of the first things you may notice when you call a technical support line is the facts they always ask are you receiving an error message and what is it.

If you receive an error message, write it down as soon as you can provide it is available for you long enough to write down. Some error messages may just flash onto your screen.  This will help to diagnose exactly what is wrong with the operating system. DLL error are rarely hardware issues since the DLL files are results of functions within the software applications of the system itself rather than the hardware components however it is possible for a failure in the hardware to result in an error. It is just rare for the error to hold a dynamic library extension.

Important dynamic library files within your system are going to contain names like comdlg32, gdi32, kernal32 and user32. These deal directly with systems processes like dialog boxes, test display, memory and the user interface. This means if one of these file types appear within the error message you may have a system application problem and that indicates a possible serious error for your system.

You may also have noticed the 32 in each of the files. This is because the system32 files are the ones associated with the core function of the operating system itself. If you receive one of these types of errors and are not computer trained it is a good idea to send the computer in or have a tech look at the computer rather than attempt a repair on your own because of the importance of these files. Other DLL files may easily be corrected by simply downloading the correct replacement file. The replacement file will then need to be installed. There are resources available on the web to assist in this installation process or check with the computer tech on the method to correct this.