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11 January 2008 @ 12am

DLL Errors

Top 10 DLL Errors !

The following are 10 of the most common DLL errors PC-users encounter. The first 5 DLL errors are directly related to Internet Explorer; the remaining 5 DLL errors listed involving the use (or attempted use) of other applications.

1.    Kernel32.dll (IEXPLORE caused an Invalid Page Fault in module Kernel32.dll) – this DLL error usually occurs after closing an Internet Explorer or Outlook window, particularly if you have many IE and Outlook windows open at the same time. It can also happen when you’re using all of the following McAfree security software functions at once: internet filter, internet scan, and email scan.

2.    Msjava.dll (IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module MSJAVA.DLL at 137:7c025b57) – this DLL error typically occurs after attempting to open a web page containing a Java object or some other Java script, and happens because Internet Explorer is unable to run the website’s Java code, usually because you haven’t installed the most recent version of Microsoft Java Virtual Machine on your PC.

3.    Shell64.dll (Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience…) – If while browsing the web using Internet Explorer you receive a DLL error message that starts off this way, it probably means a third-party add-on has placed shell64.dll on your machine.

4.    Urlmon.dll (IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module Urlmon.dll) – this DLL error usually occurs when trying to open or use Internet Explorer and typically indicates several registry entries in your Windows Registry for Quick View Plus when, like most applications, it only demands and requires a single registry entry.

5.    Mshtml.dll (Iexplore caused an invalid page fault in module Mshtml.dll) – this DLL error happens while using an older version of Internet Explorer (IE 5 or earlier) when the IE color resolution settings are set to True or High.

6.    Ole32.dll (Clipart cannot complete the operation/Interface not registered. Error code 0x80040155)- this DLL error occurs after you try to add Clipart to a Microsoft Word document because the Ole32.dll library hasn’t been properly registered.

7.    Msi.dll (The MSIEXEC file is linked to missing export MSI.DLL:222) – this DLL error occurs after Microsoft Office applications are installed if the installation disks have been corrupted or damaged in any way.

8.    Wmp.dll (The file wmp.dll has a version number of where was expected. Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled) – Despite the wording of this DLL error, which may occur when you try to open Windows Media Player, uninstalling and reinstalling WMP won’t usually fix the problem; instead try re-registering the wmp.dll library.

9.    Riched20.dll (Outlook.exe caused an ‘access violation’ fault in module Riched20.dll at 014f:4802bc95) – this DLL error typically occurs when trying to run or send an email in Microsoft Outlook, in the former case crashing the program, in the latter case making you unable to compose the email.

10.     Wab.dll (missing WAB.dll file) – this DLL error usually occurs when trying to open or utilize the Windows Address Book.