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10 February 2008 @ 3am

DLL Files

Agm.dll | Problems with acrobat reader?

Agm.dll is a runtime library file belonging to adobe acrobat reader. The dll file is developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is an important non-system file critical for acrobat reader and other adobe products. The most common usage of agm.dll is for adobe reader as adobe graphics manager.

Though the dll file is a non-system component, it is must not be deleted or damaged, other wise it can raise some bizarre errors. Like all other non-system dll files agm.dll is a possible target for virus authors. Mostly agm.dll is infected by Trojans and to a lesser extent by worms.

Most of the errors related to agm.dll are due to corruption, damage or infection to the file. If the file is deleted accidentally it can cause some errors. You can find the file online in case it is damaged or infected. But most of the websites don’t take responsibility, if the dll files are infected. So take care to download a non-infected file.

Errors and Solutions

Some of the most common errors with agm.dll files are:

‘ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for C:\Program Files\Adobe\AdobeInDesign CS3\AGM.dll –‘

This is a known error, due to access violation in agm.dll. This can be solved by ensuring that you have a printer (a virtual printer is OK) attached to the server and that the Print Spool Service is running

If the file is accidentally deleted you will get a error message like

“Agm.dll error: file not found”

In such case, you can download the file from internet and if you are using windows XP copy the extracted file to ‘C: \ Windows \ System32’ folder, or you can try re-installing acrobat reader.

If you are installing the dll file alone, remember to update the registry.

If the agm.dll file is infected by a virus, delete the file and re-install acrobat reader. This will solve the problem.