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18 February 2008 @ 12am

DLL Files

Computer Music Composition with DEVCON32.DLL

Devcon32.dll is the Device Configuration Manager Library in Microsoft Windows operating systems. The dll file contains a COM library that provides applications access to SoundFont and EFX functions. SoundFont is a brand name, but generally refers to a file format and associated technology designed to connect the difference between recorded and synthesized audio, mainly for the purpose of computer music composition. EFX functions are also tallied to audio recording and playback.

In simple terms, devcon32.dll contains program code utilized by your computer to communicate with your SoundbBlaster audio card. The dll is associated with Creative products, but is essentially a Windows system file.

Common errors related to devcon32.dll are the cause of a missing or damaged file.

“devcon32.dll cannot be found”

This error is caused by a corrupted or missing dll file. If you have recently installed or replaced any sound recorder or players, you will need to download devcon32.dll from http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?devcon32 or http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_new.php/dllfiles/D/devcon32.dll/4.06.651/download.html and install it in the system32 directory. In case there are no such players or recorders, and you are getting the error, go to Start, Run and type SFC/scannow to test the integrity of the system.

“A required devcon32.dll cannot be found. Make sure that the file is in the correct directory.”

To fix this error, first try the same method as the earlier error fixer. If it does not solve the problem, go to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and then remove sound card related entries, then click on Scan for new Hardware Entries. This prompts the Windows system to re-install all the drivers required for your soundcard.

If that does not work, download new drivers from the Sound Blaster web site and install it, which will replace the corrupted devcon32.dll file.