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5 February 2008 @ 7pm

DLL Files

CONNAPI.DLL and Nokia PC Connectivity

Connapi.dll is a connectivity application programming interface (API) developed and used by Nokia for their PC connectivity solutions. The most common usage of connapi.dll is through the Nokia PC Suite software.

Although this dll file is not a critical system component, if you are using phone-computer connectivity on a regular basis, you should avoid messing with connapi.dll. You can find the file online if you delete or damage it by accident, but the possibility of a corrupt or infected download is likely as you are never too sure of the quality of a dll file download. Most non-system dll file names are used by virus authors to create trojans and worms,

Errors occurring in relation to the connapi.dll file are usually because of disabling, missing or damaging the particular file. The most common errors and solutions are discussed below.

1) “ConnAPI.dll not found. Try reinstalling the application”

Uninstall all Nokia software, especially “PC Connectivity Solution” – the problem is caused because of it. Then, reinstall Nokia PC Suite and everything will be all right.

2) “ConnAPI.dll is not a valid windows image”

Connapi.dll is not a standard Windows file, so this error should actually be ignored. If the message persists, simply delete the file, uninstall all Nokia software, and reinstall a fresh, updated version.

3) “Connapi.dll is missing and the program cannot run”

The reason for this error is that you have uninstalled Nokia software from your computer, but the system still recognizes it as existing.  Go to – Start > Run >type msconfig > Startup Tab – and remove any references to Nokia software. Reboot the system.

For repairing the connapi.dll file, always visit the Nokia web site, obtain the latest PC Suite version, and do a fresh installation in your computer. It is best and safest way to keep your registry and system problem free.