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12 February 2008 @ 11pm

DLL Files

Cshell.dll | prone to Viruses?

Cshell.dll is dynamic link library belonging to Barking Dog Studios. It is a global operations client. It is an important non-system dll file which must not be deleted or some error message may arise. Although this file is not a critical system component, it can cause some bizarre errors, if it is deleted accidentally or if it gets corrupted. You can find the file over internet if it is deleted or damaged and the possibility of downloading a corrupted or worse, an infected file is very high. Most non-system dll files are used by virus authors to attach their virus. So you must take that extra caution while downloading the file by verifying the version and file size.

The most common error with this dll file is:

If the Comnctr.dll file is missing, corrupted or damaged then you might get error message like

“Shell error: cshell.dll missing”

The best way to get rid of these error messages is to download the Comnctr.dll file online and install the file in C: \ Windows \ System32 folder.

Another common error message that might be displayed when you are playing some games is

“Error copying file cshell.dll”

This error is not directly linked to cshell.dll. Instead this message can be displayed when you have an older version (version less that 6) of msvcrt.dll in your C: \ Windows \ System32 folder. The msvcrt.dll file may have been replaced by an older version when you installed another program. So check the msvcrt.dll file,

•    Go to System32 directory
•    Right click on the file and click properties tab.
•    Check if the internal version is greater that 6
•    If not, download the msvcrt.dll file online and replace the old one with new one.