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7 February 2008 @ 10pm

DLL Files

ctmbha.dll – relating with Audio Controller

The ctmbha.dll is an Audio Control Module belonging to Creative Audigy Audio Controller from Creative Labs. This is a file that installs when you set-up a new sound card from Creative Labs onto your computer. It’s also a file that shows up on the list of programs that startup automatically with Windows. (Quick launch)

This is not a critical component in running any computer system Failure of it will not usually cause a PC crash. However, it’s better to understand this file for your future reference and knowledge.

This .dll module is used as part of the installation for the Audio card controller. This file installs on the driver folder and is just one of the key components of that system. There is not much information gathered other than the fact that it helps the motherboard’s audio controller and works in conjunction with the system for that particular driver.

Errors on this file can be a bit worrisome to novice computer users. This error shows up as:


Error loading ctmbha.dll. A dynamic link library (DLL) initiation routine failed.

The solution is to go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Creative Labs\Licenses. From there you want to rename the B3420000.dat file there to B3420000.dat.old. After that, re-install the Creative Labs software. This dll won’t see the previous activation and will allow you to reactivate.

Sometimes, there have been cases where the user’s spy-ware program will recognize this as spam or a virus due to its status of starting up with windows. This problem can be easily resolved by setting your program to recognize this file as safe for your computer to use and you should end further issues on this file’s start up. Don’t be fooled by those screaming virus. It happens on blogs when people don’t understand these issues.