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6 February 2008 @ 2pm

DLL Files

D3DX9_25.DLL -Essential for Microsoft Gaming

D3dx9_25.dll is the April 2005 updated release of D3DX dll library files, used in Direct3D gaming by Microsoft, such as the various versions of Flight Simulator, Age of Empires, and Fable: The Lost Chapters PC, Rise of Nations and Zoo Tycoon 2. The d3dx9_25.dll is used in DirectX 9.0c, which is found on systems running on Microsoft XP and above. It is all part of the Microsoft DirectX Audio Video Playback assembly.

Since the first updated release of d3dx.dll in February 2005, many gamers have experienced problems with the continued release of updated versions, such as d3dx9_24.dll, d3dx9_25.dll and so on (there are several releases scheduled ahead as well). As these files are generally not included in game releases, gaming fans have to resort to downloading it from any available web site, leading to some serious security threats to their computer system. Each DirectX 9 redistribution release has an updated 3D dll. DirectX 10 does not support older versions; it merely provides a better platform for the new games.

Handling Errors in d3dx9_25.dll

“The application failed to start because d3dx9_25.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this.”

The most common error in relation to this dll file, it can be fixed by simply downloading the necessary file and installing it. If reinstalling does not get rid of the error, you will need to manually delete the game folder completely. Then, you can install the game again to see if the dll file is already available in the CD or download. If not, you can download and install the d3dx9_25.dll or a later version by visiting directx  or http://www.toymaker.info/Games/html/d3dx_dlls.html

Make sure you install the dll file in the system32 folder, because this eliminates the need to individually install the dll in each game folder.