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10 February 2008 @ 3am

DLL Files

Ddabb.dll | The Trojans

Ddabb.dll is a Trojan or a Backdoor which can cause serious errors in your system.

Ddabb.dll file is a Browser Help Object (BHO). The Browser Help Objects run every time you open your internet browser. These BHO’s are not blocked by your personal firewall because your firewall identifies them as your browser itself. In short, the ddabb.dll file masquerades as your internet browser to avoid detection by your firewall and sets up a backdoor communication with an outside machine.

BHO’s are frequently used by adware or spywares as they can sneak in to your system without the knowledge of your firewall and continue monitoring your personal information – credit card information or bank account details and send it to a remote machine where it can be possibly misused.

The File ddabb.dll is generally located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. Known file sizes on Windows XP are 573492 bytes (17% of all occurrence), 569396 bytes, 577588 bytes, 280676 bytes, 544788 bytes, 281172 bytes, 36877 bytes, 263220 bytes, 688180 bytes, 540692 bytes, 277258 bytes, 692276 bytes, 277668 bytes, 277193 bytes, 557108 bytes, 684084 bytes, 38925 bytes.

Generally, the author of the ddabb.dll is a file is unknown. The program has no visible window or any details describing its use or service. The program can monitor the internet browser and record information like login details (username, password) or your system details, manipulate other programs and control them. Hence the file is potentially dangerous and must be deleted as soon as detected. You can use any anti-virus software to detect the file and delete it. Also you can try to delete the file manually by logging in the safe mode of your windows operating system.

Some malwares camouflage themselves as ddabb.dll, and hide themselves among the system folders in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows folders. Thus check the ddabb.dll file if it is any malware.