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14 January 2008 @ 3pm

DLL Files

FRAMEDYN.DLL File useful for Windows Management

The file framedyn.dll is commonly known as WMI SDK Provider Framework Library and it is required by the WMI that is Windows management Instrumentation processes in the Windows to function accurately and clearly.  It is a system process and not a security risk. But still, if this file is missing from your computer, your system would not be able to function properly. So, Microsoft strongly recommends installing the file in your PC.

Framedyn.dll is currently registered by the Process Server database to Microsoft. It is considered as a part of Microsoft Windows. The file is related to winmgmt.exe, wmiapsrv.exe and wmicore.dll, wmiexe.exe.

It is strongly recommended to download the file in your system. The framedyn.dll is available on the net so that you do not face any problem in downloading it. Despite updating it very often, there are many faults that still remain in the file. These faults are caused by various reasons but are often caused by virus that has valid names like WMI SDK Framework Library.

Even after if you have verified the information, you have any doubts you can visit the anonymous surfing section to get detailed information. Along with, the unauthentic files, there are many spyware and malware who sell the false files. So it is advisable to check whether the file is authentic or not before downloading it.

To get rid of this problem, Microsoft often updates the Process Information database and also asks the readers to provide any information related to this problem, so that it can correct it automatically.