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14 January 2008 @ 3pm

DLL Files

GDIPLUS.DLL helps Operate the Windows

Gdiplus.dll also referred to as Microsoft GDI Plus Library is a system process and it is linked to the security of computer network system. It is a useful file and it is generally required to operate the windows. The main function of this file is to communicate with your video card so that it can display graphics on your computer screen.

Gdiplus.dll is currently registered to Microsoft by the Process Server Database and is a part of the Microsoft Windows. This file is currently related to msimg32.dll, gdi32.dll and winsrv.dll.

It is strongly recommended to install and update gdiplus file in your computer because if it is not installed or updated properly, windows of your PC will not function properly and it will affect your computer system. There are various websites on the net from where you can download this file free of cost. Even if gdiplus is installed in your PC, you should see to it that it is not disabled and hence it is advisable to do a performance scan so that it optimizes memory, CPU and Internet settings.

Although, the Process Server Database is updated, but still many defaults remain, so it is better to check before installing it in your PC. Also, there are many spyware, malware who sells duplicate gdiplus.dll files that usually have virus in them. Hence you should always remember to verify the information provided by the seller.

To determine whether gdiplus.dll file is a virus or a true one, you can scan your PC including that particular file for any security threat. Usually gdiplus.dll depends on the directory location it starts and runs from.