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12 January 2008 @ 3pm

DLL Files

HAL.DLL Communication Technology of Windows

Hardware Abstraction Layer, better known as Hal.dll is a technology that enables the Windows NT, 2000, and XP operating systems to communicate with the hardware of your PC. Replaced by MS-DOS, it is more secure and useful than Windows 95, 98.

The main use of HAL is that it forbids application from accessing the system memory of your computer, CPU, or any hardware devices like video and sound cards. It thus prevents conflicts between devices and enables them to work independently.

One major drawback of Hal is that it sometimes slows down or even stops DOS games and programs. These programs later need to load their own memory managers or they have to control hardware for better results.

But, even with its drawback, it is user-friendly and has become very popular. With the introduction of HAL, computer professionals have rewritten their old soft wares making it compatible with the softwares with HAL versions.

It is so useful that even Microsoft has pressurized hardware engineers to make Hal friendly technologies such as MMX, DirectX, and 3D graphics language OpenGL as it enhances speed of video, sound, and CPU hardware. This in turn leads to better visual experience while using Windows for Web and productivity applications and XP’s new user interface.

You can install Hal by downloading it from various websites. There are various options that will help you to install new Hal in your PC. If Hal is currently installed in your computer and you want to check it, you can open Device Manager, and then expand the Computer branch. You will find an entry in this branch that corresponds to the currently installed HAL.