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10 February 2008 @ 3am

DLL Files

Have you ever faced the problem of missing browseui.dll?

Browseui.dll is a program that is essential for Internet Explorer browser. It is a program of Microsoft. This file is compulsory if Internet Explorer web browser is being used, as it happens to be a part of shell browser library. It is a DLL file found in c:\windows\system32\browseui.dll
Many tasks have names similar to that of the existing processes or tasks. Tasks can be run on the computer by using the ctrl-alt-del keys to see the “windows task manager” and then viewing the “processes” tab. This shows all the tasks that are running or are presently active on the computer but does not show the dll files, which are loaded, when they are loaded during the processes.

Most of the spyware authors hide the files on the computers by either misspelling them to appear like the same kind of task or the spyware possibly would be named similar to the Windows system task. The sole reason for doing so is to prevent the identification cannot of the name from the tasklist. File location is a must to check. By using the options of Windows search browseui.dll file location can be found.


The following error message is generated soon after logging on to the Windows 98 OS computer:
“This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.”

On clicking Details, the following error message is seen:
‘Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module EXPLORER.EXE at 168:00401g32’
”Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module BROWSEUI.DLL at 177:00411g33”

On clicking Close, the computer is started and desktop is found to be blank. On starting the computer in the Safe mode the same problem persists (the memory address listed in the error message varies).

This problem occurs only when the Browseui.dll file is damaged or missing.

The solution of the problem is to repair internet explorer and if further still not resolved then to restore internet explorer.