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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

How the MSVBVM50.DLL Killed the Visual Basic

The Microsoft library files msvbvm50.dll, include code used to run programs that are written in the Visual Basic programming language. In the event that msvbvm50.dll is stopped or becomes unavailable, all your Visual Basic programs that are currently running will stop working. This file should remain on your system unless it is creating problems.

Msvbvm50.dll is registered as a Microsoft product. It is included as part of the Visual Basic package produced by MS.

The largest problem users experience with the DLL involves the internet worm known as South Park. This worm uses Microsoft Outlook as well as a few different techniques like placing a copy of the “South Park.exe” onto your floppy drives causing it to spread. The size of this worm is 19,968 bytes long. It is programmed in Visual Basic. The worse part of all this is that it requires “MSVBVM50.dll” to propagate. In the event it cannot find the DLL, it will display DLL missing errors. When received in e-mail the associated attachment will have the name of “South Park.exe”.

When the e-mail is opened, the internet worm will then copy the attached “South park.exe” to all of your mapped drives and thus creates a file named “winguard.exe”, Windowssytem.dll or Windowsstart.dll” as well as a small boot file named “s.bat”. This file will be located in the root directory of your C drive. The newly created file “winguard.exe” will be stored on your computer as a Hidden System file.

The worm then changes your system registry so that it will allow “c:\winguard.exe” to automatically be executed whenever your PC is restarted. It also will open the MS Outlook Address book while sending email to the various Ids you have stored there.

To correct this problem you are advised to secure the services of a good anti-virus program and follow the recommended steps.