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18 February 2008 @ 12am

DLL Files

IERTUTIL.DLL, An Essential Internet Explorer Utility File

A Runtime utility available for Internet Explorer, iertutil.dll is an essential Windows system component. Developed by Microsoft Corporation to be utilized in Windows Internet Explorer browser, the iertutil.dll file should not be disabled, as it is required to run several internal applications.

With the release of Internet Explorer version 7, many users who opted to download and install the beta versions faced a dilemma when the iertutil.dll file was reported to missing when installing IE7. To solve this issue, users had to manually find, copy and paste the iertutil.dll file in their system32 folder. It was a glitch in the beta versions that is not present in the final release of Internet Explorer 7.

Common errors in relation to iertutil.dll are caused because of the file been absent in the system32 folder.

“Iertutil.dll file not found”

The easiest way to solve this error is to insert the Windows CD and reinstall Internet Explorer. If you have recently upgraded to IE 7, visit http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?iertutil and obtain the file. Install it in your system32 folder.

“The application or DLL C:\windows\system32\iertutil.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.”

An error caused by a corrupted iertutil.dll file after installing IE 7, this can be fixed by either copying the file from another machine running Internet Explorer 7 or downloading the file from  http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?iertutil. Install the copied or downloaded file in your system 32 folder.

If you are downloading the iertutil.dll file from any web source, no matter how trusted the source is, make sure you check it for viruses and malicious content before installing it in your system32 folder.

“This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”

The most probable cause for this error is running unverified third-party applications on Internet Explorer, System Restore, Windows Search, Outlook (and Express) and MS Money. Fixing this requires running the System File Checker. Go to Start, Run and type sfc /scannow and press enter. The command will begin the Windows File Protection process to scan all protected files, verify their integrity, and replace any erroneous files.