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12 January 2008 @ 3pm

DLL Files

Is D3DX.dll The Gamers file Error ?

D3DX.dll is the DirectX file that is used for playing games and in some desktop application software. Mostly, the young generation likes to play games on the computer, so they want to keep their computers up-to-date with all the latest technologies. The users of Windows XP who keep their computers perfect with all the latest technologies are familiar with DirectX file and have downloaded DirectX file in their PC.

But, many people are not familiar with D3DX file and therefore they get errors related to missing d3dx.dll. Along with, d3dx, XINPUT.dll that is Xbox controller system is also missing in many computers. Unluckily many of you do not have knowledge about how to download this in your computer. But, the process is very simple.

Before 2005, the best way to download was to distribute the DirectX runtime with your application. But this method was very much time-consuming. Later in June 2005, Microsoft made the downloading process much easier and simpler by allowing the developer to create a minimal installer that would download the most updated version of d3dx.dll automatically. You can also include only dll, but it is better not to do it as it is against the agreement of Microsoft and EULA.

Another and much easier way is to directly forward users to the Microsoft Direct X and download it directly through the Microsoft Web Installer.

Many a times, it happens that to download d3dx.dll, you have to download DirectX file first and then opt for d3dx file. But Matthias Langer of Three Lights, has made it much easier and user friendly by combining both the downloads into one.