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7 February 2008 @ 10pm

DLL Files

Is Gpkcsp.dll responsible for unsuccessful Login?

The gpkcsp.dll is owned and created by the Microsoft Corporation. Considered now to be obsolete, this file comes as part of the “clean” installation of Windows 2000 Professional. Later versions are also used by Microsoft Server 2003. In addition, this is also a factor in the new Windows Live Onecare.

There is not much information on this dll. It is also known as Gemplus Cryptographic Service Provider. There are about eight versions of this dll that start at 5.0 through 5.2. The latest version was build for Microsoft Server 2003 Service Pack 1. After that, it seems to have been replaced with another dll for its use in later systems.

Not considered a critical component of the system, the loss of this file can be found at the creator’s web-site. Although it is not considered critical, you should be aware if you have a corrupt file, you want to run a virus scan. This dll is located in your system 32 folder, where many key components are listed. This could be a sign of an invasion on your system and should be resolved quickly. If anything, you want to keep your C:/WINDOWS file free of virus attacks.

When this error is found in Windows Live Onecare, the following message is displayed:

Login unsuccessful Error Code: 80048869

Signing in was unsuccessful because of an error. Please wait a while and try again. If the problem persists, contact support. Error Code: 80048869

To re-install this component, visit http://support.microsoft.com/dllhelp/?dlltype=file&l=55&pid=1248&vid=195640&alpha=&S=0 .One of the great things about finding dll’s from major corporations like Microsoft, is that they keep an excellent database of old registry components that you can find. In addition, if you are using older programs, there are many sites out there that still have these old registries to download as well.

You can also use your driver disk you if you still have it. Even most times, with programs like these, you can re-install right from your computer and the system will do it without having to download anything. If you are hooked up to the internet, Windows is likely to search for updates and missing files to help repair your situation.