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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

Is it the Video or just NV4_DIS.DLL?

NV4_DISP.DLL troubles largely appear a great deal when there are windows driver conflicts. It has a tendency to take place sporadically when you are optimistically using your PC then all of a sudden that alarming “blue screen of death” takes place. You quickly close down your system by shutting off the machine and restarting it again hoping that this time you will clean out anything that may have created your dilemma in the first place. Unfortunately, upon initiating your reboot the blue screen mysteriously appeared again.
You try to see the error in the hopes of it telling you of a possible cause but the only thing you can make out from the many lines of error text appearing on the screen is something about the error being caused by nv4_disp.dll.
Usually this type of error can be traced back to your graphics card. Many people when they initially install a new graphics card experience this difficulty. One of the first things that you should attempt to do is update your video drivers.
You should be aware of one important point when you install a new driver. The new driver sets the screen resolution to 800×600 as a default so it will be required that you reset it to your desired resolution after restarting the computer.
Unreadable error messages signify a major issue involving the windows operating system and we can only hope that Microsoft corrects this discrepancy in the future.  Perhaps more explicable error messages complete with clear-cut correction instructions to resolve the issue may be in the works for future editions.