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7 January 2008 @ 6pm

DLL Files

Is wnaspi32.dll file part of the Win32 system?

The Wnaspi31.dll file is part of the Win32 system. This means that it is a Dll file that will be found in systems after windows 3.1. That means it can be found in Windows 95, Window 98, Window 2000, Window ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

This file is essential to the operation of windows applications with peripherals. These peripherals will be SCSI and ATAPI. In other words, things like cd rom drives and burners, printers.  This is why this particular Dll file the wnaspi32.dll is essential to the windows operating system. It facilitates communications between the computer and these additional devices. Without the wnaspi32.dll file, the computer talks but the devices that it is attempting to access cannot hear what it has to say. This would have an effect on any of the devices.

Common errors might include things like can not read device or the wnaspi32.dll file cannot be found. The device is not on is another error that may be associated with this particular Dll file. Other error messages many include things involving the ASPI manager or it may reference the ASPI. This is also associated with this particular file
The reason why losing this file is so difficult is because it is used by so many different applications and for several different types of devices.

It can be reinstalled by replacing the particular file within the application folder. Since the file is present with all applications that use the code or have, need to use the code, though it may also be available within the Dll files for windows directly.