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7 February 2008 @ 10pm

DLL Files

Is your fm20enu.dll formatted for your language?

The FM20ENU.dll file was created by the Microsoft Corporation for use in the programming of their various software titles such as Word, Visio, Project, Works and more.

This file is also known as the Microsoft Forms International DLL. Using a breakdown of the actual file name, we can decipher what it means and its potential uses in the programs we use. It is part of the installation process of these programs, and can also be downloaded from the creator if it goes missing from your registry.

The first part is the FM. This of course is the “Forms” aspect of the dll. While there is not precise statement on this fact, we can assume this is either short for Forms or short for Forms Microsoft.

ENU would stand for the language version of this dll. With Microsoft being a large corporation, they would have this file available in several different languages, due to its use in the programs associated with it. ENU would be the English United States version. Remember, there are differences in US English and UK English. This dll would have to be programmed to format these differences and assigned its code from there. Each company has its way of coding the languages.

The most common error in this file is that it has been removed. Below are a few examples of just that:

Problem: Group search and Short List not working. Nothing happens on clicking the icon

Solution: Ensure that fm20.dll and fm20enu.dll files are present in C:\Windows\System and they are not ZERO bytes in size. That would mean it’s a dead file.

Problem: “fm20enu.dll missing or not found”

Solution: This can occur when you update Office with a new service pack. Visit www.microsoft.com and download the file using the dll search.