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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

Mpeg encoding with Lame_enc.dll file

The lame_enc.dll file is not a system critical Dll. This means that if you lose this particular Dll file you will only end up with an application or two that do not work correctly rather than a system corruption. Usually reinstallation of the program or in some cases a repair, if available, will fix this lame_enc.dll file. This file is part of an Mpeg encoding set that goes with audio files. That means that programs like windows media player, real player, win amp will be most likely to have errors if the lame_enc.dll file goes missing or becomes corrupt.

You most likely will not find this file in the windows 32 Dll library but more likely to be found in the audio plug in files for the various encoding applications. It is an application extension and the copyright belongs to www.mp3dev.org.

The lame_enc.dll file is approximately 280,896 bytes in size and part of the mp3 encoding library. It does have product versions of 3, 93, 1, and 0. It does work with service pack 2 and most likely due to the length of activity time compatible with service pack 1 and multiple operating systems. Check compatibility if using it with Windows vista.

As with most Dll files it is a good idea to research before attempting a manual installation if you are not familiar with computer applications and the locations of various sectors within the computer. There are detailed download and installation instructions available online for this particular Dll file.