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11 January 2008 @ 11am

DLL Files

Optimize the Important Settings with Advrcntr2.dll

Advrcntr2.dll is a Nero Ultra Edition Module from Nero AG belonging to Nero Burning. It belongs to the software Nero 7 Ultra Edition or Nero 7 Premium. Although Advrcntr2.dll is not a very critical component, still it is strongly recommended to do a performance scan so that it automatically optimizes memory, CPU and Internet settings of your computer.

Generally, it is located in a sub folder having path as “C:\Program Files\Common Files”. These Common Files have sizes on Windows XP as 3035136 bytes (50% of all occurrence), 2854912 bytes, and 2949120 bytes.

Advrcntr2.dll file is not a Windows core file, but it is a unique kind of Window program that contains functions that other programs can easily relate with. This file can be installed to all running processes and it can even change the style of functioning. It can also record inputs and its technical security rating is 52% dangerous.

Like advpack file, advrcntr2 file also faces problems of virus, Trojan, spyware or adware. Some malware also cheats you by camouflaging themselves as AdvrCntr2.dll, especially if they are located in the same path as C:\Program Files/ Common Files. Thus it is recommended to check the AdvrCntr2.dll process on your computer.

It is very necessary to determine whether advrcntr2.dll is a virus or a legitimate. It depends on the directory location it executes or runs from. To check whether it is free from virus or not you can find out from the file information forum that is available to you free of cost.