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10 February 2008 @ 3am

DLL Files

The d3dx9_30.dll | Critical Element of DirectX

The file d3dxp_30.dll is associated with DirectX. Created and published by Microsoft, DirectX is an API or Application Programming Interface. This tool is used for multimedia, video game programming and videos. DirectX is used on Microsoft Platforms including Vista and XP.

Many Microsoft and associated publishers games such as Age of The Empires, Everquest, World of Warcraft and more require this DirectX to run the games. Most times, upon installation of these games, you will be asked to install or update DirectX.

This particular dll file is used by DirectX3D and works with your video graphics card to enhance the use of particular games, music and video. You can find this file under C:\Windows\system32 file on your hard drive. You can locate this on Windows by selecting Start >My Computer> Local Disk (C:)> WINDOWS> system32.

You can also search by Start> Search and enter the file name. If you are looking to download another copy, in case yours is corrupt, you can visit the Microsoft Download Center or search or resources on the internet where you can find it. Always trust the publisher first though.

The most common error that this file generates comes up as the following:

“This application failed to start because d3dx9_30.dll was not found”.

This happens mostly due to two reasons. First you are using Windows Vista© or your graphics card is outdated. If you are using Vista, you want to download and upgrade to DirectX10. This is exclusive for the new Vista platform. If you are using an outdated video card, then perhaps it is time to upgrade. NVIDIA GeForce 800 or better should resolve this problem.

With these helpful tips on the d3dx9_30.dll, you should have no problem repairing and upgrading to better use DirectX and have a more pleasant gaming and multimedia experience.