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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

The msvcr80.dll file – an integral part of .net framework

The .net framework that is often mentioned in windows applications is a creation of commonly used coding that provides a database for the Windows operating system to work from when applying certain applications. It also allows new applications to be integrated into the current operating system parameters without a significant amount of alternate coding or recreating common coding strains. The msvcr80.dll file is one of the files that are commonly associated with the .net framework from windows.

The most common errors that appear with this particular msvcr80.dll file come from things like virus scanners. A bug in the scanning software that lists this msvcr80.dll as an error usually causes these. It is advisable not to remove the file and to contact the scanning software. This file is part of the Visual c++ work up libraries so it will be found on system that have Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Vista. Usually older versions of windows require manual installation of the Msvcr80.dll file through the .net framework manual installation.

The file should not be installed manually since many people often place it incorrectly in the Systems32 file of windows it will create an error. The file belongs in the WinSxS directly into the windows folder, you can download the file from Microsoft and it is recommended that you download it from their database to ensure it is the correct msvcr80.dll file.

Like most Dll files, this file is essential to the function of the particular applications that use the particulars of this coding. These would be applications, which need to use the .net framework. If you do not have any applications, which need this particular file, then you most likely will not have the .net framework in use on your computer however; it is used in a variety of applications.