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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

The Mysteriously Disappearing MFC71.DLL

Microsoft’s MFC71.DLL element is found within the MFCDLL Library. This file is crucial to Microsoft Visual Studio given that the component that includes the Microsoft Foundation Classes or MFC functions that are used by Microsoft in their Visual Studio Programs.

Visual Studio software was fashioned by Microsoft in support of .NET Framework as it applies to mobile device development. Mfc71.dll has a size of 1,060,864 bytes and can be found included in the Microsoft’s second Service Pack. The component mfc71.dll is an application extension verified to Microsoft for use as an element within the MS Visual Studio retail version.

Although mfc71.dll is a critical file within the Windows system, it can be contained within the system ready to maximize the Visual Studio software at a moments notice. The Visual Studio software housing the module is under a development environment enabling it to integrate data through the XML services. It permits various applications sharing of data through the XML services by way of the internet. It allows the software developers to assemble programs from both new and from existing codes.

Many people have complained that they receive the error of “MFC71.DLL was not found”. Usually this error indicates that for some reason your MFC71 file has been removed from the system32 directory. The simplest solution to this error is to download and re-install another copy of the MFC71.DLL. When downloading and installing a MFC71 file be certain that you have the same version. Different versions can create havoc with your system.