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6 February 2008 @ 2pm

DLL Files

Updated Release of D3DX – D3DX9_27.DLL

In August 2005, Microsoft released another update of their d3dx dll file for 3D gaming applications. The file, required to play advanced graphical games such as Oblivion and Fear, is part of DirectX 9.0 distributed by Microsoft. As part of the Microsoft Audio Video Playback package, d3dx9_27.dll became a necessity for all newly released 3D DirectX games after that particular release.

The continued problems with DirectX gaming, where the gamer kept receiving errors referring to the d3dx9_27.dll file, had to be solved by making the dll available for download via the Internet. While third party developers provided it freely on some web sites, it was not provided by Microsoft until their February 2006 Redistribution of Direct X 9.0 was made available. The current DirectX 10 technology, available in Windows Vista as well as a separate component, does not provide or support older d3dx.dll versions. If you need to install d3dx9_27.dll, you can easily get it from a site such as www.microsoft.com/directx or http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?d3dx9_27, which are recommended and safe.

Microsoft has released several more versions after the release of d3dx9_27.dll; each high-quality graphical game distributed from time to time, and falling under a certain release period, requires the most current release of the d3dx.dll file.

Errors and Solutions

“Application failed to start because d3dx9_27.dll was not found”

You could try installing the DX9 version on the game disk by deleting all files of the game manually and reinstalling the entire game folder, but the most easiest method is to download the dll straight from a site such as the one mentioned earlier. Install the d3dx9_27.dll in the system32 folder, because then you do not have to keep adding the dll to each 3D DirectX game you install in your computer.