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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

Visual Basic Programming with the help of msvcp80.dll file

The msvcp80.dll file is a file associated with the compiling and executable sectors of visual basic applications. It can also be considered an executable file for Visual c++ applications. In other words, any application, which uses .net framework, Visual C++ or Visual basic programming, is going to want to access the msvcp80.dll file at some point in time.

It is part of the executable parameters, which means it is an essential function Dll for these applications. Possible errors include things like unable to load. A programmer who is attempting a compile using these programs and languages may find various other errors in the debug process that prevents the application from properly compiling do to a corruption or missing msvcp80.dll. Many virus scanners especially ones like Win doc or Norton may indicate this file as harmful and request deletion or may indicate another error with this file. Check prior to running fixes for this msvcp80.dll file with these programs. This is an essential file so removing it can cause applications not to function.

With any Dll file, it is important to make sure that you know exactly where to place the file before installing it. Usually the software applications or Windows operating disk will offer a repair function that can reinstall this file if it becomes corrupt or missing. If you are manually downloading and installing the DLL file be sure to follow directions carefully and make sure to download the file from a reputable source to be sure that you are downloading the correct version of the DLL file.