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4 February 2008 @ 7pm

DLL Files

WAB.DLL – Keeping Your Mail Contacts Secure

Wab.dll is a module developed for the Windows Address Book, which is used by Outlook and Outlook Express in the Microsoft Office packages, to store email addresses and other information for contacts.

Developed by the Microsoft Development Studio, the wab.dll file is not a system file and is not an essential dynamic link library in the Windows system. Although it is commonly referred to as the wab.dll, the actual file is wab32.dll, because it runs on the FAT-32 system.

Commonly found errors in association with the wab.dll file are stated below.

missing WAB.dll file

“An error occurred while attempting to open the WAB. Unable to find the WAB.DLL”

“Windows Address Book DLL missing”

These errors only come up when you access the Windows Address Book through your Outlook mail client. The cause of all three errors is the same: you either have a missing or damaged wab.dll file. The easiest way to resolve the issues is to reinstall your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

Do a system search for wab32.dll and once you find it, rename it as “wab32.old” and do a fresh install of Microsoft Outlook. You can replace the missing or damaged Wab32.dll file by running Windows Setup. To replace the file, follow these steps:

•    Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
•    Double-click Add/Remove Programs icon.
•    Click the Windows Setup tab. In Components, click to remove the check mark next to Microsoft Outlook Express and click Apply.
•    After Outlook Express is removed, add the check mark back to Outlook Express and click Apply again. This will reinstall Outlook Express.

The Wab32.dll file will be replaced with a new copy.

Although the new versions of Microsoft Windows (XP and Vista) have the Microsoft Windows Contacts instead of Windows Address Book, the wab.dll file is still the valid dynamic link library for Outlook and Outlook Express.