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7 January 2008 @ 5pm

DLL Files

What is Shell32.DLL ?

Think back to a time in your when your computer used to boot up swiftly first thing in the morning. It seemed like everything loaded very effortlessly and instantly. Nowadays it takes you a millennium to boot to the desktop display. Have you ever speculated as to why this transpires? Our answer lies at the nucleus of the windows operating system. Numerous files that make Windows do the things it does are in what the system32 directory, which moreover contains the shell32.dll. Without this file windows simply will not work.

Without involving too much particulars, the shell32 function is to ensure the API’s employed for Internet Explorer are working properly. It is obvious that shell32 is important.

All computer users have distinct requirements and use diverse software to accomplish these tasks. Frequently installing and uninstalling files on a computer is a leading cause of shell32 malfunctions.

Programs and files downloaded onto your computer occasionally modify the shell32. Without it operating correctly, you are apt discover that your machine may not ‘boot up’ at all!  You may receive a popup stating, “Explorer has caused an error in shell32.dll” preceded by the machine shutting down.

The first thing to undertake is re-starting your machine in ‘safe mode’ although this might not be likely either. If your machine will successfully start in safe mode, let it load and then shut it down normally. If you are fortunate, this may rectify the problem. Your next option would be to attempt re-installing the original operating system. The dilemma for many individuals is that a number of computers currently are shipped with Windows software pre-installed thus you may not have a copy of Windows present.

The third option is that you track down a website to download a fresh shell32.dll and manually install it. Be advised this is not a task to embark on if you are not positive that you know what you are doing! Bear in mind that the system32 lies at the heart of the operating system; it is very easy to destroy it if you do not understand what you are doing. If you are not sure, do not even begin to attempt it, Get professional help.