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4 February 2008 @ 7pm

DLL Files

What is XPRT6.DLL Error all about?

Xprt6.dll is a file developed by AOL and used in AOL, ICQ and AIM applications. It also comes in handy with some P2P software, such as BitTorrent. As it is simply external dll file created for optional networking applications such as chatting and files sharing, it is not essential to have it in your computer system.

Generally, spyware and malware removing applications recognize xprt6.dll as malicious and may at times remove it. As it is not part of the Microsoft-developed dll files, it is quite likely that it will be understood as an unknown file and be discarded. The technical team at spywaredata.com is currently reviewing the file and its linking relations for eliminating it’s categorization as malware or spyware.

Errors related to the xprt6.dll file are mentioned below.

“Download or repair xprt6.dll”

Easiest way to handle this error is to uninstall your AOL, ICQ or AIM application and restart the computer. It is most likely that the error would not come up again. Now you can reinstall the applications with no problems.

“Application failed to start because xprt6.dll was not found”

There are two ways to solve this error. First, check your system for the dll file by searching for it by using “search” and “all files and folders” option. If the file cannot be found, then visit www.dll-files.com and download the required dll file and install inside the relevant folder – this is usually the AOL program folder. If this does not work, check to see if you have opened multiple applications possible using the same dll file, such all of your programs provided by AOL. Simply close all the applications and delete the dll file. Upon restarting your computer, the older version of the file will be automatically installed to work with the existing applications.

As said before, xprt6.dll is only associated with software programs and applications developed by America Online Limited. It is not a mandatory system dll and can be safely ignored without effecting any other applications in your computer.