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20 January 2008 @ 3pm


Fixing Misplaced DLL problems Fast!

Many a times while running a software in any version of Microsoft windows, you receive an error message stating “Cannot find the file abc. exe or (one of its components)” followed by a error stating that the required dll file was not found.

This means that a particular system dll file required by the software to run is deleted. This can happen due to many reasons. The most common reason might be the file would have been moved while you were rearranging data on your hard drive. In that case you can search that dll file with the help of windows search utility and copy it to the location specified in the error, this should solve the problem. It would be a better option to create a system restores point just before rearranging data.

System restore point can be created by clicking on Start> All programs>Accessories>System tools>System Restore. Here select the option create a restore point. If some problem occurs after rearranging the data you can revert all the data to its previous location by selecting the option Restore my computer to an earlier time.

Sometimes a dll file is deleted when you accidentally delete the file thinking it to be useless or when you run a disc cleaner utility. In such a case you should take a copy of the files you are deleting. Make it a point to run all the software after deleting the files. If you encounter a dll problem in any software you can restore the particular file from the copy. You can later delete the rest of the copy.

It is also desirable that you uninstall the programs that are not required from the uninstall utility present inside the softwares itself. You should never delete the folders of the program from the system drive. Also if you encounter a message asking to delete those files, which might be required by some other software, you should select No if you are not terribly out of disc space.

If you cannot find the uninstall utility in the software you can safely remove the software with add-remove programs utility in the control panel without effecting other softwares.