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18 February 2008 @ 3am


Converting Image data Format in Video Codec Using IYUV_32.DLL

Iyuv_32.dll is a YUV video codec developed and copyrighted by the Intel Corporation and used in Microsoft Windows operating systems. The file running on iyuv_32.dll is named Intel Indeo Video YUV Codec. Associated with the video codec process, iyuv_32.dll is not a critical system component. The iyuv_32.dll file is a decompresser and it can convert image data format from IYUV to RGB16, RGB8 etc (used for web cams, digital cameras and other computer video hardware/applications).

Some virus and malware detector software may recognize the dll as a malicious file. If you have any applications/hardware requiring the iyuv_32.dll, such as a web cam, do not pay any heed to the warning, if you are uncertain, you may quarantine it and manually check up on the dll file folder.

Errors caused by iyuv_32.dll are usually because of a missing or damaged file.

“Iyuv_32.dll missing”

Point the installer at the C:\Windows\Options\CABS folder – the files needed for locating the missing file are all there and it will get automatically detected and installed.

“File not found: iyuv_32.dll”

The iyuv_32.dll file is found in the driver5.cab of the ME OEM disk. If you have the installation disk, use it to fix this error. All CAB files must be decompressed before they can detect as working files by the computer system.

The iyuv_32.dll file can also be downloaded from sites such as www.dll-files.com, www.dlldump.com and www.dll-download.net, but none of the sites offering quick fix dll downloads that are recommended by the professionals in the industry. These “downloadable” files may contain, either intentionally or unintentionally, one or many malicious files that could easily destabilize and corrupt your computer system. Try and use the relevant OEM disk for any dll file installations.