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19 February 2008 @ 4am


Doing Conversions in OLE by mfcans32.dll

Mfcans32.dll is a module containing functions for conversions between Unicode and MBCS (Multibyte-Character Set) using the OLE interface. The OLE or Object Linking and Embedding is a technology allowing embedding and linking to other documents and objects, which means a host program can display data visualizations from other programs that it cannot generate by itself, such displaying a pie-chart in a word processing document. Mfcans32.dll is an essential component of OLE and is developed by Microsoft. The dll file belongs to the OLE2ANSI library.

Programs known to utilize mfcans32.dll are Access97, Precision Mapping 3, NAMCO History Volume 2, Flow Charting PDQ, Apollo, Crystal Reports, Netmanage and CorelDraw 6.0. Various programs requiring the Runtime file mfcans32.dll may need different versions of the same file.

Errors reportedly caused by mfcans32.dll are usually due to the system missing the dll file.

“Can’t open the file mfcans32.dll”

This error is usually caused by conflicting versions or a missing mfcans32.dll. It could also mean a required registration for the file has not been completed. To check the system for the file or file versions available, go to Start, Run and type sfc /scannow and if there are any problems, the system will detect and repair automatically. If this does not happen, go back to Run and type Regsvr32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\MFCANS32.DLL. It will register the dll file as part of the registry and solve the issue.

Another error common with regard to mfcans32.dll is the inability to run or install some OLE-based programs in Windows XP operating systems. The reason for this error is the presence of a newer file version in the Xp-based system and the actual mfcans32, dll version needed for the program is an older version. To resolve this error, copy the mfcans32.dll file manually into the program directory from the Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) CD to replace the system version of the file.