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18 February 2008 @ 2pm


Guarding Your Security using MCRTL32.DLL from McAfee

A component required for running McAfee Security Center on your computer, mcrtl32.dll is the property of Network Associates Technology Inc. McAfee is able to evaluate, notify and warn you about your computer’s security issues. As the mcrtl32.dll is only associated with McAfee applications, it is not a critical system module. Mcrtl32.dll is needed by both McAfee Anti-Virus software and McAfee Personal Firewall program.

There are no threats to the computer system reported in association with mcrtl32.dll. Most often, a missing file may cause a problem for running the related programs and if you have tried to uninstall a McAfee application in your system, this too may cause a problem, as the folder has not been completely deleted.

In the case of a missing mcrtl32.dll file, try searching your system drive for the file. If you cannot locate it, try reinstalling the McAfee programs. As a last resort, you can download the file from mcrtl32.dll , While downloading any dll files from the web is not recommended, this file is not currently associated with any viruses or spyware.

If an error message states that it

“can’t find the mcrtl32.dll file”

and you have recently uninstalled a McAfee program, do a thorough check of your system by going to Start, Search, All Files and Folders, More Advanced Options and check marking the Search Hidden Files and Folders option. The reason for this particular error is that you have not completely uninstalled the McAfee program you had. When you do a complete check of the system, you will find the location of the hidden folder and can manually delete it.

Unless you have uninstalled a McAfee program recently, if you get an error stating that the mcrtl32.dll file is missing or not found, it may be a Trojan or worm. Run a complete virus scan for safety reasons.