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19 February 2008 @ 3am


How to fix “missing” LXCGTIME.DLL Essential for Lexmark Printer?

Part of Lexmark printing software, the lxcgtime.dll is a Timer dynamic link library file associated with the Lexmark printer console. It reports the status on printer and cartridge use for the purpose of managing the printing process. As it is a system dll and is essential for some applications to work properly, it should not be deleted or disabled. However, the lxcgtime.dll is only required in the system if you have a Lexmark printing hardware installed. The program utility runs at startup, but you can choose not to do so. The common path for the lxcgtime.dll is


Although critical for systems running Lexmark printers, the lxcgtime.dll is not required in other systems. Because of this, if the dll file is recognized by a virus or spyware checker on a system without a lexmark printer, check your directories and get rid of the dll file. There are many instances where non-system dll file names have been used to create Trojans and worms.

Errors related to lxcgtime.dll are generally “file not found” “missing file” and “exception errors”. Since it’s used in spooling the printing jobs, errors will rise when documents are been queued up for print.

“LXCGtime.dll not found”

To fix this problem, try manually copying and pasting the original dll file available in the printer driver. If it does not work, reinstall the printer. If that fails too, download the file from a reliable web source such as dll-files.com and install the specified path.

“LXCGtime.dll missing”

Follow the same methods given above. Both problems can be solved in the same way.

Make sure the file is not LXCItime.dll. This file is thought to be a Trojan, although no confirmation has come through to establish its status as either good or bad.