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19 February 2008 @ 4am


Improving Windows GDI Functionality with MSIMG32.DLL

Msimg32.dll is an extension component for Windows Graphics Device Interface, which contains new Application Program interfaces to improve the GDI32 functionality. It’s also known as GDIEXT Client Library msimg32. As part of Microsoft Windows operating systems, msimg32.dll belongs to the Microsoft Corporation. It’s an essential system module and should not be deleted or disabled.

The msimg32.dll file has not been linked with any viruses, spyware or malware and is approved as safe for use in computer systems. If any virus or spyware scanner detects msgimg32.dll as malicious, you may safely ignore the warnings given by it.

There are several errors associated with missing and damaged msimg32.dll file versions.

“File not found: msimg32.dll”

An error message received when opening and trying to run the most basic applications in the operating system, this can be solved by installing the correct version of msimg32.dll. The easiest method of installing the file is to insert the original Windows CD and extract the cab file for GDI. Put the extracted file in to the system32 folder. Always use the relevant operating system’s installation disk, meaning, if you have Windows XP installed, you must use the XP CD for installing the file. This is because there will be version conflicts if another Windows version is used.

If you do not have a CD for your current operating system, visit our top dll downloads post and download the relevant version. For Windows XP systems, the version is 5.12600.1106.

Missing file msimg32.dll

When this error message is received, you should try to solve it by reinstalling the application requiring the file. If it does not solve the problem, manually search for msimg32.dll in your system32 folder and if it is available, register it. If the file cannot be found at all, either get the file from the operating system’s installation disk or download it from a reliable web source.