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29 February 2008 @ 5am


lxcecnv4.dll doing the work for Lexmark Printers

Lxcecnv4.dll is a dynamic link library found in the software package for Lexmark 4300 or Lexmark 6200 series printers. It is an important non system file. The file is mostly found in “program files \ Lexmark 4300 \” or “program files \ Lexmark 6200 \” or “program files \ dell photo aio printer 942 \” folders.

Although this file is not a critical system component, it can cause some bizarre errors if it is deleted accidentally or if it gets corrupted. The file is an important component of the printer software containing the library routines for printer functions. Therefore, any infection or corruption in this file can affect the functioning of the printer software. Either you can reinstall the printer software or you can find the file over internet if it is deleted or damaged, but the possibility of downloading a corrupted or an infected file is very high.

Most non-system dll files are used by virus authors to propagate their virus, so proper caution must be taken to check the file before downloading. The file size and the file version are good indicators for differentiating the infected files from normal ones. Viruses generally increase the file size (number of bytes) and they have different version numbers. Therefore, it is better to check the file size and version numbers before downloading.

Common Error Messages that are displayed:

“Lxcecnv4.dll file is missing”


“Found corrupted Lxcecnv4.dll file”

After downloading the files from internet unzip the file and place the dll file in “Program Files \ Lexmark 4300 \“folder. The file can be downloaded from the following websites safely.

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If the problem still persists, reinstalling the printer software again is advised.

Much information is not available on other errors associated with this file.