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18 February 2008 @ 2pm


MFC42.DLL, Module for Microsoft Foundation Classes

A module containing the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) functions, the mfc42.dll is utilized by applications created in Microsoft Visual Studio. The Microsoft Foundation Class Library is a library that encloses sections of the Windows Application Interface Program in C++ classes. This includes the functionality enabling the use of default application framework.

Although mfc42.dll is not a critical system component, if it is not available, any software that relies on the functions provided by it will become unstable and stop working. The mfc42.dll was created by Microsoft Visual Studio.

The most common errors caused by mfc42.dll are not “missing or corrupted files”, but the presence of a variety of versions of the same file. This means that some program installer has not checked for the version of mfc42.dll already available in the computer and had installed another mfc42.dll file in the directory relevant to that particular program. The error message will be like these:

“missing file mfc42.dll”


“mfc42.dll file not found”,

However, the cause is what is mentioned above.

To solve this issue, uninstall the program that gives the error message and search for the mfc42.dll file in your system. Rename any/all mfc42.dll files found with something similar to mfc42_1.dll, mfc42_2.dll etc. Reinstall the program and should work all right.

If this fix is unsuccessful, you may have to install a hotfix or patch from Microsoft with the essential Runtime files available in it. The patch can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;259403. Installing this patch or hotfix will be a certain remedy for the problem you are facing.