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1 March 2008 @ 5am


MSXML3.dll helping smooth functioning of Microsoft Products

Msxml3.dll is dynamic link library included in most of the Microsoft products. Msxml.dll is Microsoft XML parser. It is a critical non-system dll file, which is responsible for smooth functioning of Microsoft products. The file is a part of Microsoft products like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft money, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office project server, Microsoft .NET framework, Encarta etc… MSXML is also updated when you install software updates for various Microsoft products.

Microsoft provides several different XML parsers. The System.xml parser and the System.XML.XmlReader XML parser are included with the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. The MSXML parser is included in the Msxml.dll file, the Msxml2.dll file, the Msxml3.dll file, the Msxml4.dll file, the Msxml5.dll file, the Msxml6.dll file, and one or more resource files. In some versions of MSXML Windows HTTP Services (Winhttp*.dll) is also included.

The Microsoft XML parser is a Component Object Model (COM) implementation of the W3C DOM model. The XML parser actually parses the xml files and if the MSXML.dll file is absent, the system might throw up errors while loading XML files. Two versions are associated with each parser: the release version of the MSXML parser and the actual file version of the DLL that contains the parser.

Most of the errors associated with MSXML can be solved by registering the msxml.dll file in the registry. The errors can range from

dllregisterserver in msxml3.dll failed. Return code was 0x80004005.

msxml3.dll error80070005

For registering msxml.dll file, run following command: regsvr32 msxml3.dll from the run command. This registers the msxml.dll library with the registry and now the system can identify the file. If the problem persists, uninstall the Microsoft application and reinstall it. The msxml3.dll file is also available in Microsoft websites, you can download them online.