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19 February 2008 @ 3am


Photo Imaging and Editing using LTWVC13N.DLL by Hewlett Packard

Ltwvc13n.dll is a component specially created for Hewlett Packard digital imaging hardware drivers. It was developed by Lead Technologies and is copyrighted to LEADTOOLS as an application extension. It is used in several Hewlett-Packard products, including HP Deskjet 3900 series and HP Officejet All-in-One series. The default location for this dll file is C:\program files\hp\digital imaging\bin\ltwvc13n.dll. The dll file is used with many photo imaging and editing software applications, especially Imatch.

There are no malware indications reported with regard to ltwvc13n.dll. If any virus, spyware or malware detector reports ltwvc13n.dll as a problem, you can ignore it when you have any digital imaging hardware/software installed.

“missing ltwvc13n.dll”
“file not found: ltwvc13n.dll”
“file found corrupted: ltwvc13n.dll”

Error messages occurring as a result of a missing or corrupted ltwvc13n.dll file can be solved by visiting either www.dll-files.com , downloading the relevant file, and installing it in the hp/digitalimaging/bin/ folder. For most errors, this simple method will fix the problem. However, if the errors persist, you may have to replace the driver by reinstalling the hardware from its correct CD. If that does not work as well, consider getting the latest driver version and installing it. Errors occurring because of a missing ltwvc13n.dll are quite uncommon, because all HP digital imaging products are issued with an accompanying driver CD, which includes all the necessary library files.

When downloading and installing library files from different web sources, pay attention to the risks associated with the process. Most downloadable files are free from viruses, but there are instances when a Trojan or worm has been attached to the available files. The sources given above recommended and approved by many users. The ltwvc13n.dll is a file available in all HP digital imaging products’ driver CDs and you should try to acquire the original version for safety reasons.