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2 March 2008 @ 5am


Physxloader.dll Vulnerable to Trojans Essential for PhysX Engines!

Physxloader.dll is a dynamic link library, which is used by many games. The dll file is needed for loading the physX engines, which provide enhanced graphics effects like better camera angles. The dll file belongs to Ageia PhysX driver. The PhysX drivers are physics engines, which bring a realistic look to the game with better views. It is a non-system file. The file is found in the game installation folder or in Windows \ System32 folder.

Though the dll file is a non-system component, it is must not be deleted or damaged, other wise it can raise some bizarre errors. Like all other non-system dll files, physxloader.dll is a possible target for virus authors. Mostly physxloader.dll is infected by Trojans and to a lesser extent by worms.

Most of the problems arise when installing games. The errors are due to corruption, damage or deletion of the dynamic link library file. The installer raises an error message- This application has failed to start because PhysXloader.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem – if the system cannot find the dll file. This might be due to deletion or corruption of the file.

The problem can be easily solved by downloading the dynamic link library file online and installing it. If the problem still persists re install the application. You can find the file over internet but the possibility of downloading a corrupted or worse, an infected file is very high. Most non-system dll files are used by virus authors to propagate their virus.

Therefore, you must take that extra caution while downloading the file by verifying the version and file size.

The file can be downloaded from our top dll downloads post.

Not much information is available on other errors associated with this file.